PureAudioProject Trio15 Voxativ

by Maarten van Druten  NEW!

Note: this is a quick preview of the Trio 15 Voxativ review, a more in depth review will come soon.

After long consideration, I decided that my new loudspeaker has to be open baffle speakers.
I liked their spacious sound scape, their precise projection and speed of the bass.
After listening many different loudspeakers, the open baffle loudspeakers of PureAudio Project crossed my path.
I have never heard them before, but their modular concept really caught my attention.
Luckily I was able to listen to this loudspeakers by my friends, so after multiple listening sessions it became clear for me that my new loudspeakers would be the PureAudioProject Trio 15 Voxativ.

So I emailed Ze'ev from PureAudioProject and ordered the Trio 15 Voxativ!
After some time I received multiple boxes with parts.

The wooden panels were very well packed, and I was lucky because I received a newer version of the speaker panels, the newer panels are totally flat on the front side.
So no screw holes on the front side!

Then I received the fullrange speaker units made in Germany by Voxativ.
I was amazed by these mighty units, they are handbuild and they look very impressive
They are also very heavy.

Look at the magnet of this baby, superb quality from Berlin!

The woofers are also impressive, these untis are specially designed for open baffle use, and they are very fast.

Ze'ev recommended me that they need at least 200 hours to break in, so my review will have a continuation soon.

Building these louspeakers is not difficult but it is recommended to do it with two persons because of the weight and the precious parts that you are dealing with.

After one hour my speakers looked like this, they are really beautiful!

Then I got another surprise; I got the newest version of the "Leonidas XO"
my version was completely assembled by Mundorf!

I only had to connect it to the loudspeaker units.

Only the best parts are used for this XO, soon I will write more about this very special XO.


And then came the big moment...who they will sound?
I turned on my Audio-Gd Master 10 amplifier and Master 7 DAC,
I selected a song, and turned on the volume...
Wow, what a sound
a very smooth, perfect cloud of sound was projected into my room
I was amazed by the sound quality, and I felt the emotions of the musicianís
and I got even emotional myself.
This loudspeaker sounds so good, that your not listening to music any-more, you are feeling it.
I got a feeling to play all my music again, just to see how it would sound
Because these speakers needs at least 200 hours to break-in, I will write soon
a more in depth review about these fantastic loudspeakers!

to be continued soon!

Many thanks for Ze'ev
for his excellent support and friendliness

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