Integrated Systems Europe 2018
by Maarten van Druten

This is my impression review of "Intergrated Systems Europe" event that was held 6-9 February the RAI Amsterdam:
"Integrated Systems Europe" also called: "ISE" is the world´s largest AV systems integration show.
besides audio en video products, there were also  a lot of "digital signage" and "demotica" solutions to see.
My focus was on audio products, so that's were this impression review is about.

Home theater in/on-wall loudspeakers


In wall loudspeaker solutions from Bowers & Wilkins and KEF.
The KEF speaker is also THX certified.

"Wisdom Audio" was presenting their in-wall line array loudspeakers that contains MTM planar magnetic drivers.



"Audio Excellence" was showing their on-wall loudspeakers series.
I found them very beautiful designed,"I think they look also very nice even without the covers.
The front baffle contains a special foam that makes sure that the reflections of the music from the speaker unit is optimal.

Very clever design detail, you easilly can attach an other (art)cover on the speaker because the covers are attached by using little magnets.

PA speakers

There were also a lot of PA (Public Address) loudspeakers on the event:

"PMC" was presenting their impressive looking loudspeakers

A very tall PA speaker from "PMC"


The new Germand brand "NEXO" was showing a very nice designed PA solution called "Alpha Line for NEXO"
This PA sollution was designed from the beginning to be an High-End sollution for the entertainment sector.
This serie offers an modular system, which contains out of a base plate, a nice designed white stand
which can be complemented with an optional subwoofer that can be placed on the base plate.
Multiple sollutions are possible; from small, to big line arrays with subs.
They also look very good, giving the presentation a more defined experience.

Clever design:
All cables are going through special holes in the stand so you don't see any cables, and the white color of the loudspeaker
makes this PA system a much more less distracting object into the presentation room.

Another clever design detail: magnets and build in handles are being used for easily modifications, without the use of any tools.
on the left you see the horn like shape of the midrange/tweeter
because of the magnets optional "reflectors" can be placed on top of them to change the way the sound is projected.


Other Audio equipment


First it thought that this was an enormous power amplifier, but in fact this was an "Torus Power Toroidal Isolation Power Transformer"
that is engineered to protect and enhance audio, video, and control systems.
They really have a good point because the electrical power in our homes is very poluted by using switching power supplies and LED lights
products like this can really enhance your audio streaming quality.

"T + A"

The German "T + A" brand was also present showing there line of high quality audio products, like the new PM8 "High End multi source player".
I realy like the design of this serie 8. timeless and it looks like it's build to last forever.



Dynaudio was showing their Intelligent Wireless Music system


 and were also showing the prototype of the little "Xeo 10" an wireless loudspeaker with an build in amplifier 2x65 watt amplifier

and 24bit/96 kHz DAC with Bluetooth/Toslink/RCA/AUX inputs.

I even saw some nice DIY loudspeakers on the event, they look very sold build :-)

I found the event very informative and enjoyable, also impressive to see what techniques are available to present your product with audio and video sollutions.
This event was very well organized and the people were very friendly and willing to help you with your questions.

I want to thank everybody for this great event, till next time!

Maarten van Druten (Audio Dandy)



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