AudiophileOptimizer review
by Maarten van Druten     


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Normally writing a review takes a few weeks, but to write this review it took me no less than 4 months.
This is not only because the program has many possibilities, but also because I take audio streaming very seriously and I think it is important that the program is tested well and extensively.

For audio streaming I use the Audio Dandy streamer V1.
This is a modular computer that consists of separate parts and can be easily built by the user himself.
The advantage of this is that the user himself has total control and can tweak the system entirely to his own wishes.
I opted for a CoolerMaster EVO LAN box enclosure with a NoFan passive cpu cooler and passive video card, which is why this streamer is completely silent.
The operating system is Windows Server 2012R2 and is installed on SSD
The storage is local (so not on a slow NAS!)
Four Western Digital 6 TB hard disks are connected in RAID 0 configuration via a HighPoint HBA. (hardware moderate RAID 0 in the bios of the HBA)
This provides a total storage of 23 TB!

I therefore call my streamer a DAS streamer because the storage is local in the streamer itself.
(Direct Attached Storage) this makes the access times extremely fast
which is very important for playing DSD256, DXD.

The NAS is "offline" (i.e. it is usually turned off) and the NAS contains an exact copy of my music collection that is also locally on the DAS streamer, if anything happens to the RAID 0 volume.
This gives me the best of both worlds, an extremely fast and huge RAID 0 volume, and a secure backup.

23 TB of storage is very much, and is therefore more than big enough for most audiophile listeners who have a large High Resolution audio collection.

My streamer is connected via a USB dac cable (bought on AlidExpress)
to My Audio-Gd Master 7 DAC, which is connected to ACCS with the Audio-Gd Master 10 amplifier.

Tip: why spend a lot of money on so-called expensive audiophile cables?
I bought this USB DAC cable costs for 27 euro on
AliExpress and it is the best USB cable
that I have come across so far! highly recommended! but the prices are going up...
so look around good before buying

Equipment used for this review

The speakers I used for this review were the PureAudioProject Trio15 Voxativ's and the AudioDandy LS3 / 5a's.
I also used a single-ended class A tube amplifier from Yarland.

For audio streaming I used JRiver and ROON.
Both are installed on the AudioDandy streamer.

What is AudiophileOptimizer?

AudiophileOptimizer is an optimization program for audio streamers
who work with the Microsoft Windows operating system.
It is therefore not intended for "ready to use" streamer solutions such as Sonos, etc.
I use the AudioDandy streamer V1 myself, this is a home-built audio streamer.
The advantage of this streamer is that it's timeless, it's already three years old and this streamer is still unbeaten in terms of functionality, capacity of local storage, and sound quality.
Which other streamer can store 23 TB music, can play SACD.ISOs,
and is completely modular built?

Another advantage is that the user also has a lot of freedom.
This way, the user can decide for himself which operating system he or she is
to install the AudioDandy streamer.

The user can choose between Linux, (Ubuntu) Windows (7, 10) or Windows Server 2012R2.

I have chosen Windows Server 2012R2 because this operating system is much less troubled by superfluous processes running on the ground, also the superfluous processes are easier to disable than on Windows 10.
The Windows Server 2012R2 operating system is therefore faster, more reliable and the support runs much longer than on the consumer operating system Windows 10.
Enough reasons for me to choose Windows Server 2012R2 instead of Windows 10.
Both ROON and JRiver are running fine on Windows Server 2012R2.
The "AudiophileOptimizer" program also works perfectly with Windows Server 2012R2.

Windows 10 there is full of privacy unfriendly features.
In the background, too many processes run in Windows 10 that unnecessarily slow down the power of the CPU.

To optimize Windows 10 for Audiophile audio streaming, a lot of processes have to be turned off by hand.
Because low latency is very important for a good sound, the computer must be able to transport the large High Resolution audio files very fast to the DAC, preferable in realtime.

To eliminate all unnecessary processes in Windows 10, you not only need knowledge of technology (exactly how Windows 10 works), but it also takes a lot of time.
If you disable the wrong process in Windows 10, your computer can even become unstable.
You have to be sure that you know what you are doing, because otherwise you better not start it, and better leave this work to someone who understands this matter.

And this is exactly where the "AudiophileOptimizer" program comes in handy.
"AudiophileOptimizer" is a program (its own two programs)
that gives the user the possibility to optimally optimize the operating system for digital audio streaming step by step.
The advantage of this program is that you do not have to have any expert computer knowledge yourself, and that your computer is optimized in the correct and safe way.

An additional advantage is that this program also saves you a lot of time.
Because the process of tweaking is very simple and fast.

"AudiophileOptimizer" was created by (AudioPhil) an experienced IT administrator from Switzerland who put a lot of energy, knowledge and time into developing this software.
This product is his life's work, he is also very proud of it.
And you notice that because the program works well, and is also stable.

Some angry tongues on the internet claim that this program would make the operating system unstable, I did not notice this. During the four months that I extensively tested the program
I have not encountered any problems.

I am an IT specialist / administrator myself with over 20 years of experience and I can say from my own experience that this program is very stable.
The program is not free, it costs $ 129
You can buy it on the following website:

How the program works

The program is actually a so-called "batch" file that is in the registry of your computer
adjustments that not only eliminate redundant processes, but also optimize your computer exactly the way you want it.
Everything therefore goes "step by step".
The program is very easy to install,
With "AudiophileOptimizer" you will be able to configure the otherwise complex things very easily with just a simple press of a button.

After purchasing the program you will receive an e-mail with the login details where you can log in to the site to download the program.
If you want the read how the programs works, Philipp has made a very nice manual that you can download here:

When you install the program on your computer you get two icons on your desktop, and a nice wallpaper with the text "HIGH-END AUDIOPC.COM"

One icon is called: “AudiophileOptimizer”
and the other icon is called: “Service Tool”


Let's start with the "Service Tool" program.
With this tool you can
If click here you will see a small screen with which you can arrange the following:

- Wireless LAN support
- Component Store Corruption Repair
- Driver Helper
- Shell Replacement
- Autologon (this is a very important feature!)
- Compacting Feature
- System Information
- AO Diagnostic

"Service tool"

The powerful app called "ServiceTool" offers many possibilities to optimize your computer, actually too much to cover in a step-by-step review.

But I find one very interesting, namely the "Autologon" option.
Allows you to configure your computer to log in automatically (also with Server 2012R2)

This converts your streamer into a turn-key "hi-fi device".
(also called "head-less")
By simply pressing the on / off button, you start the streamer, it automatically notifies you and then starts up the desired media player. (eg: Roon or JRiver or another player)
By pressing the power button again, the streamer stops and the computer automatically closes.
Ideal if you want a streamer without a monitor!


With this program you start a process where you get step by step questions about how you want to configure your streamer.
So you have everything in your hand, you decide as a user which services, digital filters, etc. to turn on or off.
Nice to know is that at every step there is also a possibility to select nothing, and just leave it "default".
This is the "X" option.
For example, I encountered the digital filters option, but because I did not get enough information about how it works, and what the impact is on the sound, I decided not to use these filters.

If a setting does not please you after listening, you simply restart the program.
You then go through all the questions again, and you change the setting that you did not like.
Very simple, this way of working also invites you to experiment.
You can restart the program until your streamer sounds exactly the way you want it.


This software is intended for users who have built their own streamer
and can maintain it.
If you can build an audio streamer from different parts, you can also get along with this program.
So it is meant for the advanced computer user.
For users who can not independently install an operating system on a computer, this program is not intended.

The question is, of course, how does the streamer sound after optimizing with this program?
After 4 months of extensive testing than I say this program
certainly make your system sound better.
I liked the sound "cleaner" vowel, more details, more dynamic.
The music has more "punch" "attack" and the sound image is also more open.

I also heard more details on the tube amp when playing music that had not been heard before.
The differences are not huge, but certainly perceptible.
By cleaning your computer gets more air, it feels faster, and
this improves stability.

I especially recommend the "Service Tool".
This transforms your streamer into a "turn-key" or so-called "head-less" audio streamer
which is very nice.
Besides that this software makes your streamer sound better, and easier to start up, there is also another advantage.
Namely "time"

Because what I noticed is the speed with which you can adjust all settings
You walk through the entire cycle in just a few minutes
If you have to do this by hand, you are definitely working for a few hours!

The amount of $ 129 is certainly not too much, and I can recommend everyone
to use this program if you have built a streamer yourself.
If you're smart, you buy a cheaper USB DAC cable on AliExpress of EUR 27 instead of an expensive so-called Audiophile USB DAC cable of EUR 195.

You do not only have "AudiophileOptimizer" but also a super DAC cable, and you save another 39 euros!

So this software is, in my opinion, a very good and important tool.
I have decided that for my Audio Dandy streamer this program has become a permanent part of the configuration.
Highly recommended so this software!
And also important: "AudiophileOptimizer Version 2.20" also works as good if not better on Server 2016!

Link to the website of this product:




Thanks to Philipp for answering all my questions
and also thanks to Jan for making it available
from his Yarland tube amplifier for this review


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