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Part 3 - "Audio & Video"

For the best possible sound quality:
"Pink Faun I2S Bridge"

But what about sound? how does the Audio Dandy AV streamer compare with the competition streamers?

The Audio Dandy AV Streamer is an Audiophile device and it designed for perfect audio and video playback.
We have choosen for the best possible connection technique to transport
your digital music to your DAC.
it's very important that the digital audio signals are not altered or modified in anyway during this process.

Most other competitor streamers uses older techniques like S/PDIF connections
for their digital output.
S/PDIF connections are limited to 24bit/192 kHz (Optical Toslink S/PDIF even to 96 kHz!)
and therefore S/PDIF is NOT capable to playback High-Resolution formats like DSD and DXD!

During more than a year extensive testing with several DSD/DXD DAC's and different connection techniques
we found out that also USB is NOT an Audiophile digital connection standard.
We found it remarkable that USB connections are common on so many High-End products.

Music transported through USB connections sounded more rough, harsh, synthetic and it contained also
a lot of digital noise! unbelievable that so many people still use USB!

We discovered that "I2S" is the best technique to transport your
digital music to your DAC.
The "I2S" protocol is special designed for this purpose, and has two encoding/decoding steps less
than USB, and also the digital clock and data signals are seperated from each other for better sound quality.

The Audio Dandy Audiophile AV streamer is equiped with the latest and best possible
"I2S" connection digital interface possible
We use the latest version of the "Pink Faun I2S Bridge" for our AV streamer.

The digital audio signals are transported straight and untouched to your DAC of choice.
So your DAC will receive the best pure digital signal possible
(the digital music signals are not going through the operating system, so the music
sounds much clearer and more neutral then with USB or S/PDIF connections)

(For more information about the "Pink Faun I2S Bridge" read our extended review
coming soon!)

4K Video streamer

The Audio Dandy AV Streamer doesn't only playback High Resolution Audio, it can playback
HD/4K/Ultra High Definition video as wel!

What is 4K and Ultra-HD?

Technically speaking,
"4K" is a standard of the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) for the professional Digital Cinema market.
 with 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution (also other resolutions are possible)

"Ultra-HD" is an consumer display and broadcast standard which has a lower 3840 X 2160 resolution

"4K"and "Ultra-HD" has almost 4 times the resolution then 1080P "HD"
and this a big difference!

"4K vs HD"
The difference of looking at the glass or through the glass

With HD(1080P) your eyes still see the glas of your TV display and your eyes can still see the "pixels"
with the same viewing distance; with "4K" or "Ultra-HD resolutions your eyes almost cannot see the pixels
it's like the image has come to live, and your are watching through the glas to the real world!

Audio Dandy thinks that 4K is big improvement of the current 1080P "HD" technology
For the best results we advice to use a THX Certified 4K Display.


Why THX 4K?

THX is a company that certifies audio en video products of other companies to make sure that
the products are working fine according their high standards
THX is not a guaranty for the best quality, but it delivers a usefull set of functions to
enhance your video playback experience.

If a product is THX certified; then you know that the product has at least succeeded
the THX certification process, so you can expect at least a basic/minimum level of performance and quality.

Only a THX certfied display includes a "THX mode" function,
 which allows you to see the movie as the creator intended.
This is important because a good calibrated display
looks more neutral and better than a none calibrated display.

Of course you always can calibrate your display yourself or let a member of the "ISF" (Imaging Science Foundation) do it for you with a CalMAN ColorChecker, but all of this will take a lot of time and
this will not be cheap.

 Just a press on the button "THX mode" will do almost the same!
So why do difficult? we are losing valuable time here, let's get on!



100% passive cooled 4K Video card


The 100% passively cooled
video card

The video card is an important item in the Audio Dandy AV Streamer
This item is responsible for playing back video material on your display or TV.

Audio Dandy has good experience with Sapphire "HD series" passively cooled video cards
We found them very reliable and 100% quiet, because there are no fan's in these video cards.
The Blu-ray movie playback is very smooth with brilliant colors and deep blacks.

The SAPPHIRE HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 ULTIMATE is not a gaming videocard, it's designed
the be quiet and to be used in a high performance AV HTPC.
The Audio Dandy AV Streamer can hold up two videocards in SLI or Crossfire for more
power, but we got very good results with just one video card.

with the Audio Dandy AV Streamer you can playback your Blu-ray movie collection
"bit perfect" with DTS-HD Master Audio sound!
(you will need a DTS-HD Master Audio capable AV receiver for this.)

the Audio Dandy AV Streamer is even ready for the coming 4K Blu-ray discs
This video card can handle resolutions of 1080i, 1080p, and up to 4096x3112 pixels!

That is even more than the DCI "4K" specification!


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Why Windows Storage Server 2012 R2
is best operating system for your high-end streamer!"


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