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Part 2 - Silence and Power

High Resolution Audio and especially 4K HD Video requires a higher-end level of computer hardware. Why?
Because High Resolution Audio and 4K HD Video playback requires a lot of "cpu horsepower"

To playback a 4K/1080P Blu-ray movie with DTS-HD Master audio or to playback a
SACD-ISO with realtime DSD to PCM conversion you need a powerfull CPU.

Smaller and less powerfull but energy friendly CPU's just won't work.

They are not powerfull enough to playback SACD-ISO in realtime and
protected Blu-ray movies with DTS-HD Master Audio.
So we need power, the more the better.


The Audio Dandy AV Streamer has therefore choosen for a very powerfull CPU processor, the "Intel Core i7"

The Intel Core i7 processor is very powerfull and is capable to handle all
High Resolution Audio and Video playback with ease.

But a powerfull CPU generates a lot of heat, and requires a big cooling fan...
And cooling fan's generates a lot of noise, how to solve all this?

Audio Dandy has solved this dillema by giving you the best of both worlds;
a lot of power and absolute sillence!


The Audio Dandy AV Streamer uses the World's first and completely noise free (0dBA) CPU cooler:
the "NOFAN CR-95C copper"
We have tested this 100% passive and absolute noise free CPU cooler for more than two years now.
Without any problems and without any noise :-)

The NOFAN CR-95C copper is therefore perfect for Audiophile High End AV Streamers.
It's reliable , 100% quiet and it cools down a Intel i7 processor without FAN's!

This NOFAN CR-95C copper CPU fan is very big and therefore requires a special
motherboard and computer chase.


The Audio Dandy AV Streamer is an fully modular design.
We use a "Lan Box" (Cooler Master HAF XB EVO) computer chassis so that you can reach
your Audiophile components very easily if needed.

The Audio Dandy AV Streamer is an very functional and it has enough room free inside
for all future Audiophile developments and upgrades.

The big NOFAN CR-95C copper CPU cooler fits perfectly in our chassis

After two years testing, there is almost no dust in the chassis!
only a little because the chassis has an open top window.

the Absolute Silence of 0db

The Audio Dandy AV Streamer is absolutelly silent because our CPU and Videocard are 100 % passively cooled.
The local storage is SSD so you will hear absolutelly nothing from the AV Streamer itself.


Even passively cooled hardware needs a little airflow to work perfectly.
That means that we recommend at least two special 120mm chassis fan's to
generate a little airflow through the chassis.

These chassis fan's are not required for normal working operation but they will
greatly improve the lifespan of your expensive hardware equipment.

We found a German company that manufactures chassis fan's that are absolutely silent from the place
were you are sitting.
Their name is "Blacknoise Technologies"

"Noiseblocker - NB-eLoop® Series 120mm fan"

(text from the manufacturers website)

"This first high-tech compact fan worldwide with a bionic loop rotor (BionicLoopFan®) comes from Germany.

NB-eLoop fans stand out due to the new bionic loop form and are superior to common axial fans in almost all respects. For the first time it was possible to reduce the noises caused by the air stream in the fan dramatically. At the same time, the effectively usable performance was increased and the energy use was reduced.

The newly developed high-tech bearing and engine technology as well as the many features and further developments like dust protected engine and bearing, anti-dust-Macrolon rotor, position invariant magnetic bearing make this the probably most advanced fan in the world.

Extremly low-noise, increased performance while using less energy. Developed in Germany with support from the German Federal ministry of economics."

I have tested these fan's for more than two years now, without any problems and they are still 100% inaudible.
They are running on 800rpm and their volume is 8 dBA
They are so quiet that I cannot hear them even when I'm close to one meter!
When you are sitting on the sofa (approx 3 meters) you will never hear these fan's

So don't worry about it.


Part 3 - "Audio & Video"


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