Dutch Audio DIY listening day 2017
by Maarten van Druten

This is my impression review of the Dutch Audio DIY listening day:

The Dutch Audio DIY (zelfbouwluisterdag) was held in 18 November in The Netherlands in Alphen a/d Rijn.
There was a lot interesting DIY creations to see and listen, like loudspeakers, amplifiers, dac's and even streamers.


The first speaker of the day was this one, it sounded very open, spatial and releaxed sound character, it sounded better than many other speakers that you can buy in the shops.

Very nice build, and the XO looks very good, I like air-coils :-)

The second loudspeaker that I listened was this one, in the middle
It contains SEAS loudspeaker units with an first order XO, the result was an very spatial sound with a wide 3D sound projection
in the entire room, I liked this speaker very much, considering it size the sound was very mature and well balanced



             The same loudspeaker from two different members, one with leather front and one with a wooden front baffle

Nice amplifier with EL84 tubes

This DIY DAC was very popular among the club member I have to read more about it, it sounded very musical and relaxed

This was a network streamer based on a Rasperry Pi with PiCore player (squeezelite with webshell) with three different output modes:

- PCM1794A NOS DAC (DDDAC variant)
- PCM1794A NOS DAC with sinc correction
- Standard PCM1794 stereo DAC
also the data re-clock can be turned on or off.

Vintage open baffle design with Philips speakers and AMT

Then we were presented with something special, an open baffle design with vintage Philips fullrange loudspeakers together with an AMT tweeter!
It looked maybe a bit messy, but the sound was very impressive and clean, also the music sounded very organic, and real

The rear-side of these impressive sounding Vinatage open baffle speakers
Notice the AMT tweeter in the middle, and the damping material on the bottom of the speaker


The XO looked like this:

Second surprise!

Live concert: ROBIN HAIJES

Then we were treated with a  nice surprised; a real live concert of the young Dutch talent "Robin Haijes"
She played some songs from her CD "A lion Awakes" and also other numbers, she even demonstrated how her performance
sounded on the Vintage open baffles, during her performance she pushed on some pedal switches on the floor to switch
between live and recorded music, very nice performance, well done Robin!
I hope we hear more of her in the future


Headphone amps

Also (tube)headphone amplifiers were present



The last speaker I listened to that day was this one, they had nice sounding carbon speaker units

Unfortunately I couldn't listen to all sets that day, but for this day was very interesting and enjoyable
This event was very well organized and the people were very friendly and willing to help each other, 

I want to thank everybody for this great day! till next time!



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