AZB 2017 - "Hans van den Barg"
Open Baffle loudspeaker
+ DDDAC 8 Deck's Review"

by Maarten van Druten

Some time ago I visited the Dutch "Zelfbouw Luisterdag Oost Nederland" in Hengelo
This club of very talented audio designers.
One of them is “Hans van den Barg”
He is a very promising designer which creates very beautiful sounding audio products, this photo reportage gives you an impression of his very special designs

Hans new open baffle designs, the woofers are placed in one big solid piece of wood

Hans 8 deck DDDAC



Hans van den Barg's very nice sounding "Simplex" amplifier
- an 6C33C direct coupled design!

Hans explaining the technology behind his design


The impressive and original XO of the open baffle loudspeakers




More close-up's of the XO




The sound was impressive, the bass was very good, with real bass slam! I never expected that an OB could give so much bass
(much more then my PureAudioProjects Trio 15 Voxativ) only the tweeter/mid range could sound a bit better, but this is still
a prototype.
Well doen Hans, hope to hear more of your creations soon!


Maarten van Druten (Audio Dandy)


Special thanks to Hans van Barg for his support
and help with this review.



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